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Why saffron is expensive?

Saffron Farmers have to pick 500,000 saffron flowers from the ground one by one and slowly to produce just 1 kilogram of dry saffron!

Saffron is one of the most valuable spices in the world, selling for more than 500$ per ounce. Because it is a very complex product to harvest. Each flower has three small strings in the center. These must be carefully removed and dried by hand. considering that the harvest season of this crop is autumn and the weather is cold, and the harvesting work becomes more difficult. This plant needs protection against certain pests and diseases as well as rodents and herbivores. Saffron growers should be aware that frost in cold weather or excessive watering can cause frostbite.

Saffron production

The purple flowers of saffron bloom only during a six-week period, from late October to early December. In addition, it should be borne in mind that saffron can not be harvested in all seasons, but there is a special time to harvest it.

To plant saffron, we need higher relative humidity in the air. Also, sunlight should shine on flowers for a limited time because it can weaken the chemical structure of saffron. Therefore, it is better to harvest saffron every day before sunrise.

90% of the world’s saffron is grown in barren lands in Iran. A ship that is also difficult to pick up. Most of the effort is spent on saffron in Iran. Because to get one kilogram of dried saffron, farmers have to separate 500,000 flowers from the stigma for long hours and dry them with high accuracy. Despite these efforts, Spain packages Iranian saffron after purchasing it and exports it to other countries at several times the price. That is why it is said that Iran is the largest producer and Spain is the largest exporter of red gold. Click for more information about saffron cultivation

Drying saffron

Speed in this process has a direct effect on increasing the quality of saffron produced. In other words, the sooner we pick saffron from the ground and get ready to pack, the better the quality of saffron. One of the most important steps in this process is drying saffron, the way it is done has an important impact on the quality and final value and of course the price of saffron.

Drying of saffron is generally done by both traditional and mechanized methods. Each of these methods has its own characteristics and advantages, and it depends on your circumstances and possibilities which method to choose. According to unofficial statistics, more than half of the farmers use the traditional method and have acquired some special skills in this work.

Using the traditional method of drying saffron requires a lot of care and experience, because any small mistake in drying saffron will lead to a decrease in their quality. For example, if the saffron is too close to the temperature source, it may cause the saffron to darken or the saffron may not dry evenly. These are the small points that will determine the final price of saffron.

In another article, we will discuss saffron drying in various ways.

Saffron packaging

Saffron packaging undoubtedly influences the final consumer’s decision. There is a lot of competition in the saffron sales and export market. Meanwhile, those companies that enjoy the benefits of saffron packaging are a few steps ahead of the rest.

One of the best ways to maintain the quality of saffron during transportation and then in storage, is proper packaging. Saffron is sensitive to light and moisture. Therefore, it must have a special packaging that does not reduce its quality. Iran supplies about 90% of the world’s saffron. But some countries buy saffron from Iran, just package it and then sell it to other countries. Spain is one of the most important players in the industry that has taken such a step. Some Americans or Europeans may think that the saffron they bought in the store with the Spanish label is Spanish saffron. But in fact, it is Iranian saffron that is packaged in Spain.

Many people spend a lot of time and money researching and developing their product. Some people spend a lot of resources on advertising and marketing their saffron; But the same benefits of saffron packaging are the key to the success of countries such as Spain in the supply and sale of saffron.

Apart from the benefits of saffron packaging in maintaining its quality and supply, if the packaging is stylish, it will be a factor in attracting customers; That is, some are willing to pay for the beautiful packaging they see.

They do not care much about the quality of the product inside. They want that box or can or any other form of packaging! This conveys the importance and advantage of saffron packaging for supply in global markets.

Finally, you should know

Iranian saffron, which has the title of red gold, has a high price. Many factors affect the high price. The process of planting and harvesting this plant, in addition to suitable environmental conditions such as temperate climate, low humidity and sweet and fertile soil, requires a large number of labor and providing all of these conditions is costly. In addition, the amount of saffron obtained from each flower is very small and can only be harvested at certain times. Therefore, the high price of saffron seems reasonable.

Always keep that in mind that it’s so important to buy saffron from a reputable brand to make sure you have a reputable product. Always remember to avoid buying saffron too cheaply. Contact us to buy high quality and reputable saffron.

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