Negin Saffron

What is Negin saffron?

Specifications of Negin saffron

Negin saffron is a type of saffron from which 3 stigmas of saffron have been separated and only red color is visible. Negin saffron has larger stigmas, beautiful appearance and high coloring power. In Iran, the best type of saffron is known as Negin saffron, which of course is also called Negini saffron.

  • The stigmas are completely separate
  • Colorful and perfect red
  • Its strings are large
  • It has no wrinkles or very few wrinkles
  • High order of stigma strings.
  • Very high amount of fragrant

Price of Negin

  • Price of Super-Negin of grade 1 Negin saffron: 592 to 666 US dollar
  • Price of Grade 2 Negin-saffron: 462 to 481 US dollar
  • These prices are for one kilo of saffron
  • The larger the volume of saffron purchased, the lower the price.
  • The farther the buyer country is from the producer country, the higher the price of saffron for shipping costs.
  • The announced price is related to this year’s saffron harvest season (2021). The price in different months definitely includes a decreasing or increasing change.

Degrees of Negin saffron

Negin saffron has three types. In general, all saffron products are divided based on the amount of color, the amount of breakage and softness of the product, the thickness and length of the stigmas, the place where the stigmas are cut and the twist of the product.

Grade 1 saffron or Super-Negin

Super-Negin saffron is one of the best and purest saffron available in the market and is a kind of saffron reputation in the world. This type of saffron has a higher quality and price than other types of saffron. Super-Negin saffron has a very high coloring potency and the amount of safranal and crocin in it is much higher compared to other types of saffron. The coloring potency of Suprt-Negin saffron is between 230 and 270 units, and you can check this in the test sheet before buying the product. In Super-Negin saffron, saffron stigmas are separated from each other, it does not wrinkle, all the stigmas are thick.

Grade 2 saffron

This type of saffron is known among the types of Negin saffron as saffron whose quality is medium to high, as a result, this type of Negin saffron is also known as a suitable option for export. Saffron stigmas are separated from each other, it does not wrinkle, the stigmas may be small and large.

Grade 3 saffron or Pressed Negin(ironed)

The main feature of Negin saffron is pressed or ironed in how to dry it. If the head of the saffron stigma is flat under physical pressure or air pressure, the Pressed-Negin will be obtained. This type of saffron has recently become very common and is mainly used for export.

Grade 4 saffron or Pseudo-Negin

This type of Negin saffron is of lower quality compared to others, but the positive point is that Pseudo-Negin has a very good price. To distinguish Pseudo-Negin saffron, it is enough to take a good look at the saffron string. Pseudo-Negin contains some saffron straw and the yellow color is well visible in it.

What are the uses of Negin saffron?

As mentioned above, Negin saffron has been named the most beautiful type of saffron due to its better color and smell compared to other types. But the main question is:

  • Is the use of Negin saffron different from other types?
  • Where should we use Negin saffron?

Negin saffron is used for better coloring and increasing the taste and fragrant of food. Other uses of Negin saffron include the following:

  • Use as a natural dye
  • Use as a flavoring in syrups
  • Use in different stews and rice
  • Used in some local and regional sweets
  • Use as a flavoring in tea

The last word

As mentioned above, the coloring power of Negin saffron is much higher than other types of saffron such as Sargol etc.
For this reason, the price of Negin saffron is different from other saffron plants. Negin saffron is divided into two main parts, Pseudo-Negin and super-Negin. Negin saffron is priced based on its type. For example, the price of Super Negin saffron is much higher than its Pseudo-Negin type. For more information and to buy different types of Negin saffron, contact our experts.

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