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What is All red or Sargol saffron?

What is Sargol?

This type of saffron is the pure part of saffron which is red and is located on top of saffron thread and it is also called Sargol. The reason for this naming is that this part separated from the saffron thread is located in the highest part of the saffron thread (saffron head). Sargol or All Red saffron is also called premium saffron because the red stigmas are separated from the saffron thread without yellowness and cohesion, and because it does not have cream and white, it has a very high coloring.

Sargol saffron with different grades is available in Safrronfa online store, the best coloring of All Red saffron is between 210 to 270 units. Depending on the grade of saffron, its price varies.

The price of Sargol saffron

  • Price of Sargol saffron: 425 to 462 US dollar
  • These prices are for one kilo of saffron
  • The larger the volume of saffron purchased, the lower the price.
  • The farther the buyer country is from the producer country, the higher the price of saffron for shipping costs.
  • The announced price is related to this year’s saffron harvest season (2021). The price in different months definitely includes a decreasing or increasing change.

How is All Red (Sargol) saffron produced?

All Red saffron is obtained by sieving and cleaning Pushal saffron and only the head of the saffron stigma can be seen in it. In the process of converting Pushal to All Red, it is possible to break the stigma. Therefore, in this type of saffron, some broken and sometimes powdered saffron is seen in it, which is divided into Grade1 or lower grades based on the amount of powdered and broken in it.

Features of All Red (Sargol) saffron

  1. The stigmas are completely separate.
  2. The stigma is white without a particle and the stigma is red.
  3. It is colorful and well-shaped.
  4. It is not stuck together.
  5. Its color is all red.
  6. Stigma threads are thick.
  7. The amount of crocin and safranal is very high.

The difference between Negin and Sargol saffron

Sargol and Negin saffron are among the high quality and excellent categories of saffron plant. Of course, a very important issue that every person should be familiar with when buying original saffron, is the quality of the saffron plant. In general, Negin saffron is much higher than Sargol saffron in terms of quality. Of course, we should not forget that Sargol saffron is a saffron that is more popular among the people and more of this product is bought by Iranians.

The main difference between these two types of saffron can be explained by the appearance of saffron strings. Negin saffron threads are healthy and have minimal fracture and have the highest coloring power, but in Sargol or All Red saffron, most of the saffron threads are broken.

Another issue that makes the difference between these two types of saffron is whether it is fake or real. In All Red saffron, due to fractures, this product is more fake than Negin saffron.

However, if you want to buy All Red saffron or Negin, you can buy it from Saffronfa with a guarantee in any amount you want. Our saffron has all the licenses, certificates and test sheets.

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How to store All Red saffron?

As you know, the way food is stored is different from the raw materials used in it. The first very important point that you should observe to maintain Sargol saffron is to keep this product away from direct sunlight. This product should be stored in a cool place. If you have bought Sargol saffron, first grind this product well and then put it in a cool place. When using this product, do not forget to boil this plant in water with indirect heat. Sargol saffron loses its properties the longer it is heated.

Final word

In general, it can be said that Sargol (All Red) saffron has a very good coloring power (210 to 270 units). Sargol saffron itself is also prepared from straw saffron. Sargol types of saffron differ from each other only in fracture and quality of stigmas. One of the best types of saffron can be introduced as Sargol saffron.

This product has been cultivated for a long time in Khorasan province and is produced exclusively by 800 expert farmers. All Red saffron is one of the main products exported from Iran to neighboring and European countries. There are different types of export saffron that you can buy from Saffronfa.

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