saffron price, saffron price in Turkey

Saffron price in Turkey

Persian saffron

As you know, the best and most quality saffron in the world today is Iranian saffron. Do you know the reason for that?
Saffron can not grow in all soils and can only be grown in subtropical and arid climates. Because most regions of Iran are tropical and subtropical, about 90% of the world’s saffron is supplied by Iran, but do not forget that planting and harvesting saffron requires a lot of labor and also skilled.
Therefore, these two factors made Iran the most important and largest exporter of saffron worldwide. The most important countries that are currently the main buyers of Iranian saffron are Spain, China, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Qatar, Sweden and Turkey.

Saffron types

  • Sargol saffron(all red): Sargol saffron contains only the red parts of the stigma. This saffron is the same saffron that is usually bought in the streets and markets in Iran. in fact, People usually only know this model of saffron as original saffron. Sargol saffron has a high coloring and is used more than other types of saffrons. For more information about the price of this type of saffron, please contact us.
  • Pushal saffron: This saffron is also a valid saffron because part of the root (yellow part of the stigma) can be seen. If you see this root in saffron, you can be sure that the original saffron is in your hands. Most saffron cheats start when the root is removed. For more information about the price of this type of saffron, please contact us.
  • Super-Negin: In super-Negin saffron, the top of each saffron string is larger and wider. This wide part greatly affects the color of saffron. Any saffron that has a wider and larger upper part is a better saffron for export. And of course, you should note that not every saffron can be wide and large, not every farmer can harvest super saffron. For more information about the price of this type of saffron, please contact us.

Saffron price in Turkey

  • Price of Super-Negin of grade 1 Negin saffron: 592 to 666 US dollar
  • Price of Grade 2 Negin-saffron: 462 to 481 US dollar
  • Price of Sargol saffron: 425 to 462 US dollar
  • Price of grade 1 or ghalamdar Pushal saffron: 425 to 444 US dollar
  • Price of grade 2 Pushal saffron: 415 to 430 US dollar
  • These prices are per One kilo saffron
  • The larger the volume of saffron purchased, the lower the price.
  • The farther the buyer country is from the producer country, the higher the price of saffron for shipping costs.
  • The announced price is related to this year’s saffron harvest season (2021). The price in different months definitely includes a decreasing or increasing change.

Persian Saffron in Turkey

Iranian saffron is widely exported to Turkey for several important reasons:

  1. Turkey is geographically a short distance from Iran.
  2. Travel to Turkey does not require a visa, so most people who want to sell and export this product can easily travel to this country.
  3. Turkey is in contact with other countries of the world without any restrictions and is an export bridge for Iranian traders to other parts of the world.

The price of saffron in Turkey and other parts of the world is determined based on general criteria, but in general, the criterion that determines the price of this product in world markets is based on negotiations between the parties to the contract, and generally the quality of saffron. Determines the final price of saffron.

Turkey is one of the most important buyers of Iranian saffron. Among the cities of Turkey, the city of Istanbul, because it is the largest economic city in Turkey and is considered the economic center of this country, has the highest purchase of Iranian saffron.

Istanbul has a lot of international hotels and many tourists and all kinds of restaurants, so it is a big consumer of saffron. In fact, the types of international Arabic, Turkish, Indian and Iranian restaurants that exist in this economic city are the most important customers of Iranian saffron.

Most of the tourists in Turkey and the city of Istanbul are tourists from the Persian Gulf, who are very interested in Iranian saffron. According to Istanbul spice shops, these tourists are the most important buyers of Iranian saffron in Turkey. All these factors have made Istanbul one of the most important destinations for Iranian saffron exports.

The increase in reception from Turkey on the one hand and the increase in the number of saffron exporters to Turkey on the other hand caused even many Iranians who want to travel to Turkey for leisure and recreation to think to take Iranian saffron to this country with them. And sell there.

Another factor that affects the price of saffron in Turkey is the amount of use of the type of saffron you intend to sell. Naturally, the more practical your saffron is, the higher the price. Therefore, in general, it can be said that the price of saffron in Istanbul, Turkey is determined based on the following factors:

  • The amount of saffron you intend to buy and sell
  • The types of services that your company offers
  • Type of saffron

Health benefits of saffron

The chemical compounds of saffron directly affects the health of the body. In a separate article, we have discussed the health benefits of saffron in detail. But here in general, we mention some of them:

  1. Saffron actually is a natural antioxidant: This antioxidant, protects the skin from the sun’s rays and prevents the growth of cancer cells in the skin, consequently! So because of this magic feature, saffron is used in production of the creams and lotions.
  2. Continuous use of saffron increase the amount of white blood cells and Thanks to this feature, saffron greatly protects the body against a variety of viruses. some studies Acknowledge that the compounds of saffron have the ability to kill colon cancer cells or suppress their growth.
  3. Also frequent use of saffron in daily meals improves our mood. Let me say that saffron can be counted as a serious treatment for depression.
  4. Saffron, can be considered as a reduction of PMS symptoms and actually a treatment.
  5. If you are in diet or process of losing weight, by adding saffron in your meals, you can curb your appetite and also reduce your snaking.

Buying Saffron in Istanbul

If you are in Turkey and you want to buy Iranian saffron, you should know that the best-selling Iranian saffrons in Turkey are Sargol and Negin saffrons. It should be noted that these two types themselves have different types depending on their quality. Another point that you should pay attention to when buying saffron is saffron packaging. Today, due to the increase of profiteers and fraudsters in this market and the sale of counterfeit saffron, most buyers prefer to buy packaged saffron, so paying attention to the saffron packaging you want is one of the most important elements of buying red gold.

Final word

Saffron is sold in both retail and wholesale markets in Turkey. The retail price of saffron is higher than its wholesale price, but marketing and selling saffron in packaging is hard work.
The Turkish people themselves supply Turkish and Iranian saffron in wholesale and packaged in the market.
If you want to buy Iranian saffron, you can buy all kinds of export saffron from our store with a 100% guarantee. All international saffron certificates and saffron certificates will be provided to you so that you can easily export saffron to Turkey. The price of saffron in Iran is not fixed due to fluctuations in the saffron market. Therefore, if you want to buy saffron for export and know the daily price of saffron, you can contact us now to find out the current price of saffron.

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