Saffron price in Germany

Saffron price in Germany

What is saffron?

What we know as saffron is actually obtained from the stigma of the plant Crocus-sativus. This plant is from the genus Asparagus and Lily. Saffron has been known as a golden spice for many years due to its yellow color and high price. Saffron has been used for more than 4,000 years to flavor and flavor foods. Today, more than 90% of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran. But what ingredients does saffron consist of? We will explain to you in the following.

Saffron Ingredients

Saffron contains more than 150 ingredients , all of which we will not discuss here, and we will suffice to introduce just a few of them that are involved in the fragrance, color and taste of saffron.

  • Carotenoids: A group of chemical compounds in plants that are responsible for the color of its leaves and petals. Also, these compounds are responsible for absorbing light in plants.
    Crocetin and Crocin are the Carotenoids that make saffron yellow and red.
    Other important carotenoids in saffron include Lycopene, Zeaxanthin and Beta-Carotene.
  • Picrocrocin: The main responsible for the taste of saffron.
  • Safranal: The main responsible for the fragrance of saffron.

Saffron price in Germany

  • Price of Super-Negin of grade 1 Negin saffron: 592 to 666 US dollar
  • Price of Grade 2 Negin-saffron: 462 to 481 US dollar
  • Price of Sargol saffron: 425 to 462 US dollar
  • Price of grade 1 or ghalamdar Pushal saffron: 425 to 444 US dollar
  • Price of grade 2 Pushal saffron: 415 to 430 US dollar
  • These prices are per One kilo saffron
  • The larger the volume of saffron purchased, the lower the price.
  • The farther the buyer country is from the producer country, the higher the price of saffron for shipping costs.
  • The announced price is related to this year’s saffron harvest season (2021). The price in different months definitely includes a decreasing or increasing change.

What defines the quality of saffron?

  1. Coloring: The main reason for the red color in saffron is a compound called Crocin with the chemical formula C44H64O24. Crocin is one of the Carotenoids in nature that dissolves easily in water. In fact, this solubility is one of the reasons for the widespread use of saffron as a colorant in food and medicine compared to other Carotenoids. The color strength of saffron is one of the main parameters that determine the quality of saffron, which is evaluated by measuring the amount of Crocin in it. Crocin in saffron should be between 140 and 300 units. The higher amount of this substance, the higher the quality and value of saffron.
  2. Fragrance: Another factor that determines the quality of saffron is that Safranal that causes its wonderful fragrance and it should be between 20 and 50 units.
  3. Flavor: The Picrocrocin in saffron causes the bitter taste of original saffron and should be between 70 and 150.
  4. Moisture: The amount of moisture can be affected on the quality of saffron. The percentage of this moisture should be less than 10 units.
  5. Additives: The mass percentage of additives to saffron that is tested in the laboratory should be less than 2 units.
  6. Length of saffron strings: This feature is especially important for Sargol saffron and determines the quality of saffron. This number can be between 10 and 30 mm.
  7. Climatic conditions: The climate that saffron is grown in, also has a great impact on the quality and quality of saffron. Saffron is a subtropical herb that grows better in dry climates. And as you know, Iran has one of the best climates for saffron cultivation.
  8. Harvest time: Another main factors of evaluation the quality of saffron is the time and hour of saffron harvest. Saffron flowers should be picked before sunrise and within 2 days of their growth so that they do not wither and their quality does not reduce.

What uses can be taken from saffron?

  • Food Industries
  • Painting industries
  • Perfume and deodorant industries
  • Medicinal industries
  • Cosmetics Industries

Saffron types and prices

  • Sargol saffron(all red): Sargol saffron contains only the red parts of the stigma. This saffron is the same saffron that is usually bought in the streets and markets in Iran. in fact, People usually only know this model of saffron as original saffron. Sargol saffron has a high coloring and is used more than other types of saffrons. For more information about the price of this type of saffron, please contact us.
  • Pushal saffron: This saffron is also a valid saffron because part of the root (yellow part of the stigma) can be seen. If you see this root in saffron, you can be sure that the original saffron is in your hands. Most saffron cheats start when the root is removed. For more information about the price of this type of saffron, please contact us.
  • Super-Negin: In super-Negin saffron, the top of each saffron string is larger and wider. This wide part greatly affects the color of saffron. Any saffron that has a wider and larger upper part is a better saffron for export. And of course, you should note that not every saffron can be wide and large, not every farmer can harvest super saffron. For more information about the price of this type of saffron, please contact us.

Health benefits of saffron

The chemical compounds of saffron directly affects the health of the body. In a separate article, we have discussed the health benefits of saffron in detail. But here in general, we mention some of them:

  1. Saffron actually is a natural antioxidant: This antioxidant, protects the skin from the sun’s rays and prevents the growth of cancer cells in the skin, consequently! So because of this magic feature, saffron is used in production of the creams and lotions.
  2. Continuous use of saffron increase the amount of white blood cells and Thanks to this feature, saffron greatly protects the body against a variety of viruses. some studies Acknowledge that the compounds of saffron have the ability to kill colon cancer cells or suppress their growth.
  3. Also frequent use of saffron in daily meals improves our mood. Let me say that saffron can be counted as a serious treatment for depression.
  4. Saffron, can be considered as a reduction of PMS symptoms and actually a treatment.
  5. If you are in diet or process of losing weight, by adding saffron in your meals, you can curb your appetite and also reduce your snaking.

A final word about the price of saffron in Germany

Saffron is difficult to grow in cold and humid climate due to its subtropical temperament. However, saffron imports in Germany have a high range because saffron, in addition to home use, has many uses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health industries in this country. And it is obvious that in Germany, the quality of saffron is highly regarded. Therefore, Negin saffron and Super-Negin and then Sargol and Pushal are the first choices of German buyers. For more information about the price and purchase of saffron in Germany, please contact us.

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